22 avril 2006


"You COMPLETELY miss the point of /b/. /b/ is not Fark "oh hay guys i found a cute link ha ha." /b/ is not Slashdot's pseudo-intellectual discussion. /b/ is not LiveJournal, SuicideGirls, or HotOrNot. /b/ is a place for people to be monsters- the horrible, senseless, uncaring monsters that they really are.

Tsunami owns the Asian continent and we laugh. Psychotic emo takes his sickness out on a cat and we laugh. A man rapes his granddaughter and we laugh, and ask for more. Suicide, homicide, genocide- we laugh. Racism, sexism, discrimination, xenophobia, rape, and baseless hate- we laugh. We are mindless "me-too"ism; we are irrational preference; we are pointless flamewars; we are the true face of the internet."

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