15 décembre 2007


I know what you all are. A bunch of sissy black-wearing long haired 4-eyed kumquats in highschool listening to angry music. I know because in my short time here, i've seen enough to prove it. I know your kind. I was exposed tyo you sissies time and time agin because I happended to like science fiction and RPGs and the only way I could play (in HS) was to be exposed to your juvinile dominions... eventaually, I became so disgusted with your dickless ways I told Gary gygax to suck Steve jackson's dick and started lifting weights and became the guy that you are afraid to look at while you serve me and my bitch tato-skins at Applebees (because my chick is so fine you cant look at her without feeling like fucking Quaide).

So here's the deal. Myself, an 2 of my friends are sitting here, drunk, bored, and looking to fuck with some faggots instead of driving downtown to fuck the shit ot of the half-rate girls you blow your load s to every night - entertain us with your pissant defiance you Klebold dickless faggots!

And to you shits that want to play the "oh, this is an obvoius troll blah blah - well, so what? Would you say that shit if I was in youyr face? Bacause I am you faggots! HA!


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  • You know what's really disgusting? how bullies are not seen for the ugly, putrid, gorilla-like primitive pieces of shit they really are.

    It's people like YOU that are actually truly disgusting. yuck! and secretly you know this deep inside, that's why you have contempt and like to bully good people. you piece of shit! I ALSO know the likes of you! you pieces of truly immature shits cause problems everywhere at school, work, like a real stank spoiled rotten toddler with the intelligence and spiritual maturity of a warthog! people like you wear your robust sense of power like a badge of honor when it's disgusting and without any honest ethics behind it! people like you cause toxic environments everywhere and we have to put up with the the likes of you!! fucking animals and you fucking know it!!! Laugh at that truth you piece of shit!

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