19 avril 2006


"Oh, Please.

This is mostly disinformation. Ahmedinajad is a Mahdist--so what? Most of the world's nuke programs are run by extremists (Pakistan, US, UK, Israel) of one stripe or another. It's almost a requirement.

For my money he's a spy for the West, as the most extreme ones often are. He's handing us a casus belli on a golden platter--his rhetoric (mistranslated though it is); he was a dark horse, come-from-behind winner in the election. I just wonder how he pulled that off?

There has never been an act of "Islamic terror" in the United States, or in the western hemisphere, for that matter, that can't be traced back to CIA/Mossad, or at least proven to be pure Islmic without any Western handlers.

I really don't think the US will go for Iran until China gives the thumbs-up and a deal is worked out for all parties (banks, industrialists, etc.) involved, including the Iranian elite. Russia and China will back off--if they don't, it will escalate into WWIII. But I hardly think the economic powers that really run this world buy into Armageddon."

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