29 juin 2006

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So. I'm hearing about this guy named Mitchell, and yet another 4chan invasion. Usually? I don't care about them. This one pushed it a little too far.

I guess it reminded me of an old quote... first they came for X. I didn't care. Then they came for Y. I didnt' care. Then they came for me. Nobody was left to care about me. No, you haven't raided anywhere I go regularly yet, but knowing the /b/tards it's only a matter of time.

The most amazing part of this whole thing, to me, is that apparently some of you have been expressing concern. You're WORRIED you might get in trouble for this. o rly? The human equivalent of the bubonic plague is worried? Then maybe you fuckwits shouldn't have done something like that. Christ, everytime I listen to you god damned /b/tards and your invasions, your desu, and your absolute IDIOCY, I die a little more inside.

Seriously. You guys serve as an active reminder that the vast majority of the human race genuinely deserves to die. I'd pull the trigger. I'm going to hell ANYWAY, I might as well take a lot of worse people with me. I used to think extremist Islamic terrorists could be pretty bad... but when I think about it more, at least they're fighting for something they really believe in, for their god. You? What the FUCK can you people possibly say that would even make it POSSIBLE you could avoid Hell, assuming there is one?

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Not much. The shit you come up with tops the charts. Someday, I hope I can see a few of you regulars, because I'm curious what fucked-up little segment of humanity could generate something as vile and grotesque as you. Although, come to think of it, that may be the one remotely good thing about /b/ . No matter what things I've done in my life, no matter how much MORE I fuck it up in the future... I'll never be as bad as /b/.

Oh, and one more thing. I'm sure you teenage sacks of waste are going to point and laugh. Some more of you, perhaps the ones who have a neuron or two, are going to wonder why I'm doing this. Is it going to change someone's mind? Probably not. It's pretty simple, actually. It's been a bad few days, I've got family close to death, and then you little freaks STILL manage to top it off. so I bitch at you. Have fun mocking it. In the future, if I manage to do something worthwhile with my life, I'll return the favor.


Outsiders are disillusioned into thinking /b/ is full of horrible people and that they're any better.

Take any guy you see on the street, let him assume complete anonymity, let him speak without any moral obligation, any judgment, no reputation to ruin.

This is /b/, this is humanity's real side.


You fool, you fail to understand what we are trying to do. The internet of the 80's was a land of knoledge and stupidity at the same time. It was a place where people simply existed, knowing the entire time that it was only for fun. Soon however, the internet's retarted baby, the world wide web was born. The world wide web made things too easy for people. Now, the line between reality and the internet is growing more and more blurred. People have forgotten that the "people" that they are talking to are merely avatars, puppets and ghosts of the people that control them. In theory, everyone on 4chan could be the same person. You don't know. As long as people persist in their ignorance, always trying to make the internet more like reality, the true meaning of the internet will be crushed. Why do you think Habbo, Myspace, and Livejournal are our main enemies? They threaten the dream of freedom. The dream of the internet. The freedom to say anything, to do anything, without a face, without consequences. As long as they are ignorant, we will fight them. And we will win.

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