25 juillet 2006

/b/ is the only thing i have. but i hate /b/. there's never anything original content. yeah, new memes pop out every now and then but they are all the same.i want to start living but i feel that ive become too perverted and cynical to speak to non-/b/ people. normal people seem so stupid and hypocritic. filled with meaningless values that they think matter.what should i do? i'm too lame to kill myself >meaningless values that they think matter.wow...i'v had the same feeling after /b/,every friend i introduce to /b/... [Lire la suite]
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12 juillet 2006

dear user,you have just entered the very heart, soul, and life force of the internet. this is a place beyond sanity, wild and untamed. there is nothing new here. "new" content on 4chan is not found; it is created from old material. every interesting, offensive, shocking, or debate inspiring topic youve seen elsewhere has been posted here ad infinitum. we are the reason for "not safe for work". we are the anonymous army. cross us and you will fail. anonymous is everywhere. you depend on us every day. we bag your... [Lire la suite]
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