11 avril 2006


"....Furthermore, are the peacenicks ("no violence") actually believing that these inhuman freaks about whom we are writing will EVER respond to "peaceful" demonstrations, negotiations, etc.?

They will mow you down like grass under a moving lawnmower. Nope- this will require the most bloody and violent rebellion imaginable and it still might not be winnable. But, I'd rather die trying than at a "peaceful demonstration".

As they have no compunction regarding the destruction and murder of the people, so we shall need the intestinal fortitude to return like in kind. Oh, I know that some of our friendly "leaders" will be hiding in their inpenetrable bunkers yada yada yada, but not all of their family and friends will be.... and they deserve to be slaughtered.

Reject this line of reasoning if you want to; you're already DEAD"

"The trouble with violent revolution is that the existing government does violence far better than you can. Are you really prepared to take on the U.S. Army?

Guns were a leveling technology in the 1700's. Not so today. I can't recall a low-tech revolution succeeding since Castro overthrew Battista. Fantasizing about it is a nostalgic dream at best, deliberate bafflement at worst.

One of the insistent messages of this blog is that it really is all Mindwar. Computers and blogs are having the same leveling effect now that guns did back when it was all flintlocks. You no longer need to own a printing press or a tv station to get the message out. The battle is over who gets to shape people's reality.

Mass protests -- whether peaceful or violent -- no longer cut it, because the iconic effect of images on television no longer has the power it did in the 60's. That was always a secondhand way of getting the message out, anyway, and depended on tv stations being more interested in ratings than in serving as tools of government propaganda.

Shape reality. That's the only way to go. The professional psy-ops guys may have a head start on us, but they also have the limitation that the reality they're trying to sell is totally lame. Ultimately, it will all boil down to who can tell better stories."

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